Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Did Adults Ruin Facebook?

Once upon a time there was a day when Facebook was only for college students. Well, unfortunately that time is long gone and surprisingly it’s not the prepubescent 12 year olds that are ruining the scene, the adults are. Nothing is more awkward than having to explain to your 60 year old grandma that the red cup has ‘apple juice in it’ or making up excuses to your former high school teacher that saw you as the’ National Honor Roll Student of the century’ for those embarrassing statuses your drunk friends put on your profile for the world to see when they hacked you. I personally got so fed up one day with all the questioning that I deleted all of my family members off of Facebook when I got to college. Was Thanksgiving dinner awkward? Yes. But was it worth it? Yes.

                The truth is: Adults don’t need to know everything that’s going on in your life. That’s why you’re in college, to learn, grow up, become independent, blah blah blah all that boring stuff. So what they don’t know won’t kill them. And if they need to find out weird things about you, a social networking site isn’t the place, probably a face-to-face conversation would be more appropriate. So whenever I get a friend request from an adult whom I really don’t want to be friends with, I let it sit there forever and avoid eye contact with that person at all costs.

                Bottom line: It’s time to cut the cord, and not the umbilical, that’s already shriveled up and died. I’m talking about the internet. Just stick to the e-mails and texts when it comes to family members, former teachers, or other adult figures in your life. It will be best for both sides!
What are your thoughts on this? What do you do when an unwanted adult adds you on Facebook? Or do you have any funny experiences you’d like to share?


All For One, None For All?

Upon entering my fourth semester of college, I, for the first time, have been blessed with the opportunity to experience every student's favorite assignment: the group project. As if this weren't cause for celebration enough, I think it so nice I do it twice! (I have two group projects.)

Now don't get me wrong, I love people, I love school, I enjoy my classes, homework is homework and well heck I don't mind spending some quality time with Helen C. every now and again! But then there's just the whole group project "thing".

First you have to pick your group. Lucky for you if your TA assigns them, because unless you are the most prolific Facebook stalker in town or flippin' Jordan Taylor, chances are you don't know someone in all of your classes, and no one knows who you are. So essentially you're sitting there going, "what the fux am I supposed to do?", trying to make eye contact with everyone, but subtly enough so you don't look desperate, and finally going, "oh do you have a group you don't cool me neither what a coincidence I didn't already notice that as I sat here staring at everyone hating my life." But hey who isn't up for meeting new friends right!?!

So now that we're all sittin-pretty loving life thinking, "gee dang-it this sure is going to be neat!" we can decide on a group-time for everyone to reconvene. That's when we meet That Guy. That Guy is in 100 different clubs, works 10 hours a week, President of the International Confederation of Intercollegiate Corporate Political Institution of the Universal University Statute State Legacy Field Club, interns for NBC News on weekends, is taking 18 credits, plays competitive water polo, has a dog, volunteers at the local nursing home and is SUPER JACKED TO BE IN THIS GROUP. But he can only meet once a week. And he calls everyone Chief. Then there's This Guy. This Guy can only meet Monday mornings between 6:11 a.m and 8:42 a.m, Thursdays between 4:17 p.m and 5:03, his other classes are so much better than this, this project is a waste of life, his life is more important than yours will ever be, your major is not real, you are going nowhere, you godforsaken rock in my shoe.

So Tuesdays at noon? Great.

Now that we're three weeks into the assignment we'll meet for the first time, because obviously every meeting before now has fallen through, ended before it began, or left you standing in the lobby of College Library staring at the screen saver of your Dumb Phone watching the minutes click by waiting and wondering if you turned off the stove this morning. And where the H everyone is. After about 11 minutes you get the first text: "SHEIT BRAH TOTES 4GOT BOUDA MEETING 2DAY WAZ GETTIN YOKED. RESKHED?" oh, okay, what? Next you hear from That Guy: "Mornin' Chief! Just confirming our meeting tomorrow at noon, I'll bring the homecooked bagels!" No, no that was today. And then there's This Guy: "This is worthless, you are worthless, I finished this weeks assignment, will email it to you." Who is this guy?

But that was in the past, we have moved forward and are currently sitting in the corner of the loud section of the second floor, at a window table with an outlet. Score. Once everyone has checked their email, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, the Badger Herald Shoutouts, StumbleUpon, wisc.edu, the scores from today's game, their bank statement, their high school website, Myspace, mapquest, dictionary.com and AOL, it's showtime. Everything runs relatively smoothly for the first few hours, besides the fact that you've been there for a few hours, you haven't slept in two days, That Guy has a ray of sunshine coming out of every orifice on his body, This Guy left an hour ago for jury duty and Mr. Popular Magee over here has said SUP to 80% of people on the floor. Nonetheless, everyone powers through with commendable effort, the assignment is finished, you're all new friends on Facebook, and all that is left is the walk home.

Overall, group projects are inevitable. They encourage socialization, facilitate people skills, and force you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. No matter what field of study you go into in the world, the ability to work well with others can always take you far. Today, the prospect of group projects is not as daunting, as Facebook, Google Docs, and Skype allow you to work together without actually being together. Nonetheless, personally I think nothing beats the warm, cozy feeling you get from the interactive, in-person group collaborations inside cozy ol' Helen C. White.

Thaz all folks!
Satie Klavin

No egos were harmed in the creation of this post.

Woey Presents "Badger of the Week"

Hannah (middle) always wears a game face on Saturdays in the Fall.

Name: Hannah Heide
Year: Sophomore
Intended Major: Elementary Education

What is your favorite school related event?
"I love staying (after everyone leaves the football game after Jump Around) and watching the band perform the 5th Quarter."

What is your favorite non-school thing to do?
"Ice-skating at the Shell on Thursday nights at 11:15. I only do it once or twice a semester, but it's super fun to do spontaneously!"

What are your thoughts on media fluency?
"I certainly lack media fluency. On the one hand, the internet is super helpful for writing papers and getting work done. On the other hand, we could all use a little more time reading real books and researching in a library."

How do sites like Facebook and Twitter affect your study habits?
"I don't have a Twitter and I'm really bad at Facebook creeping, so actually those sites don't get me too bad. Pinterest on the other hand..."

Where is your favorite place to eat on State Street?
"I love the Parthenon. Gyros are soo good. They are my guilty pleasure food."

Name a few things everyone has to do before they graduate here.
"Swim and lay out on the docks by the Rowing building. Eat a healthy amount of Babcock Ice Cream. Bike to picnic point. Drink beer on the Union Terrace. See a live concert at any venue in Madison."

How do you handle going to a prominent university which is also one of the top party schools in the nation?
"You can sleep when you're dead."

Where do you like to study?
"The Law Library. It's so quiet you feel guilty if you aren't studying."

Do you have any other advice for students?
"I'm only a sophomore so I don't know everything, but I recommend going to a sporting event that isn't football, basketball, or hockey. Those are great, but I love watching volleyball too. It's amazing to see all of the under appreciated D1 talent at this school."

One last thing; when you say Wisconsin, have you really said it all?
"Mmhmm!" (Go to 41-43 seconds in the link below to hear the sound she made to answer this question.)

Looking for a good place to eat on State St?  Well here it is.... Mia Za's cafe is the place to go!  It's an Italian cafe that I would definitely recommend to anybody.  One of my favorite places to go on State St.  They offer a variety of food choices including: salad, pizza, pasta, panini's, and smoothies.  They have your food made fast and fresh!  You won't be disappointed.  Check out their other three locations on the website and much more.  Enjoy!


-Wrianna Besely

Monday, February 27, 2012

Music Spotlight

My biggest regret after attending the Bonnaroo music festival was not seeing Childish Gambino A.K.A. Donald Glover perform.  I had never heard of him, so why should I waste my valuable time on this unknown entity? By no means do I consider myself a music expert, especially in the rap genera, but Gambino's new album "Camp" is something that I've been listening to a lot.  When this man isn't rapping or doing stand up comedy, he's starring on NBC's hit show Community or writing for 30 Rock along side Tina Fey. His comedic background shines through in many of his tracks as I find myself laughing at a witty line or pun.  He takes a non-traditional approach to rap and that is what makes him so good. Take a listen and maybe next weekend steal the iPod away from the kid playing "Party Rock Anthem" for the 42nd time in a row and throw this on.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ayyooo it's your girl Zaquisha here. I am the only freshmen author on this thing, so please don't have too high of expectations and hear me out :) So, a little about myself, I'm undecided on my major, but I have pre-medicine intentions. I am from an interesting place called Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I'm pretty excited about this blog and can't wait to see what others give to it. Just to warn you, I have a weird sense of humor and I don't take too many things seriously.

Hi Hello Hey ! My name is Satie Klavin. I am a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin Madison. I love to travel and try new things and explore different places and discover neat things no one else knows about. On this here blog I plan on posting my daily musings on life in Madison, some cool things I find and maybe some tidbits of advice along the way. I tend to not have a filter so bear with me and it'll be a gr8 time ! Also, I'm ridiculously enthusiastic about life, and I tend to use a lot of exclamation points and smiley faces, and I can ramble on for a long time about things I think are interesting and / or entertaining. I have a dry sense of humor. So buckle up for a great blog because it's going to be ha-halarious!¡!¡!!¡!¡

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hey Badgers! My name is Woey and I am one of the contributors to this blog. That's me on the left, my roommate Matt on the right, and some guy with a lot of school spirit sitting between us. This is my first time in the "blogosphere," and i'm looking forward to giving you all a little view of what Madtown offers me. I am a sophomore and an intended journalism major. As a sophomore, I by no means believe I know everything about this fine city. I expect you upperclassmen out there to comment and let us know what's right, what's wrong, and any other ins and outs you think the students of Madison should know to survive on this campus.

I am the youngest of eight and have been coming to this city for everything Bucky for years. I can't wait to get this thing rolling. Talk to you all soon.

      What's up Badgers? This is Dubs here to bring you everything Madison.  I'm an Economics major, I love all things Wisconsin, music, Mariokart and everything else the average college kid likes.  I'm just a kid   livin' the dream in Madtown, listen to Me and I guarantee you'll have a great time.  Or ignore everything I say and I guarantee you'll have equally as awesome of a time because there is no where better than this city.

Hey guys! My name is Wrianna Besely and I am one of the authors of Madtown Mindset.  I am a sophomore here at UW-Madison and planning to major in Communication Arts.  In my free time I love to go shopping, play golf, and of course attend Badger sporting events!  I am super excited about debuting this blog!  If you're a UW-Madison student or alumni I can assure you, you will be very interested in what we have to say.  Stay posted for our weekly events.

-Wrianna Besely
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