Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Post-Mifflin Pre-Finals PumpUP !

So if you're reading this, congratulations on coming out victorious after another successful Mifflin !! (I use the term 'victorious' loosely, of course.) 

This wasn't my first rodeo, and by rodeo I mean Mifflin and by 'not my first' I mean it was my second, but I'd say it was a whole lot more fun than last year! While I did not spend the majority of my time on Mifflin (Don't Go), I did shimmy on over there for a little  bit, just to check it out. I remember last year the streets were so crowded you could barely get by without getting stepped on, spilled on and smacked. And cell phone reception? You had to go 2 blocks over just to get a signal! This year, however, no one was in the streets (unless you were in handcuffs.) and overall a whole lot less people went to Mifflin all day.

One thing we did learn from this year's Mifflin: what goes online stays online, the most innocent of things can go viral, and even the best intentions can be misconstrued. Our very own Dean of Students Lori Berquam advised her students to be cautious and thoughtful on attending Mifflin this year. Little did she know she would be up next on the Billboard's Top 1 Hit Wonders of 2012 (watch out Rebecca Black). But is it wrong to use social media to try and relay a message to a large body of adolescent students? Are there always going to be just as high risks as rewards when you put yourself on the Internet?

Anywho, now that Mifflin is over, our belts fit a little more snugly, our eyes look a little more droopy, and our braincells are a little more deady, WE'RE HEADIN OVER TO HELEN C. WHITE!!! Get ready for finals folks, College Lib will be packed (and it is all quiet all the time. seriously there is a man who enforces these rules quite diligently). So get your Jimmy John's on speed dial, bust out the sweatpants and download Self Control on whatever computer you're using. (Because you don't want to end up like this guy.) But actually folks, take advantage of the Self Control app, turn OFF your cell phones (seriously it's not that bad, I don't have a phone more than I do #RIPMifflin2012) and hit the books! You can do it!

In almost a week we'll all be heading home for the summer, traveling all over the world to various places, or if you're REALLY cool staying in Madison for the summer!

(Did you hear the Terrace got new Mendota Blue chairs!? How neat is that!)

What did you think about this year's Mifflin? What kind of things do you do when you're studying for finals? Are you traveling any neat places this summer? Where is Waldo?

Do tell!
Satie Klavin

Monday, April 30, 2012

Don't Go?

Well, everyone, the Mifflin Street Block Party is less than one week away. While I think many people are excited, the recent buzz around the event has not been all positive. Dean of Students Lori Berquam became famous, (or maybe infamous,) last week for posting a video telling students not to go to Mifflin. After much criticism, the video was removed almost as soon as it was put up, however once things are on the internet, as we have learned, they do not simply go away. Here is the video:

And here is a remix made by students:

Now I will not comment on what I think about the content in the video. However, two things that relate to media fluency can be taken from this situation. One, like I said, internet content does not simply just go away. (A great meme could be made out of that idea.) Second, whether people criticize Berquam or not, she got her message of safety and advice across. Everyone can make fun of her, but the internet has proven once again that it reaches students in a strong way.

Hope you enjoyed the videos and understand I am not ripping the message. I just wanted to place a spotlight on a specific UW example of how quickly a simple message can turn into collaborative production and remix videos.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Club Bucky

It's that time of year again badgers, Club Bucky is back!  For all of you upperclassmen out there that think you are too cool to go, consider this: Free Chipotle and Milios! What college student can resist free food, loud music and fellow badgers?  You can find out everything else you need to know through none other than social media! Check out the event page on Facebook HERE and spread the word on Twitter by tagging #clubbucky or #acm, (All Campus Party).  This is in fact and ALL campus party, so come enjoy, you're not too cool, I promise.

Check out the progress the giant tent that will host the party has made in just one day!

Go have fun!


Opinion Leader

Well, it has been a week since I reached out to everyone I could think of on Twitter that is famous, and no one has commented on our blog. I have to say I am just a little surprised that only one person, Josh Sitton of the Green Bay Packers, responded. Sitton says he tried, but it did not work. While I find this a little hard to believe since all you have to do is click comment, I was pleased he at least messaged me to let me know. I guess we'll just have to keep trying.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So we all just got done choosing our classes (Thank God). While I'm parying to the wait list gods I was thinking about how I definitely used RateMyProfessors.com to help me make my schedule. So we are talking about online identity this week and how we are perceived online and it made me think about this website.

People on RateMyProfessor.com are bluntly honest and I can't help but wonder if professors looks at the comments their former students write about them. I think I would if I was a professor. Something to think about is that a professor could look at their negative scores and try to improve from that and become a better teacher. But their online footprint makes them out to be this horrible person when they might be nice in real life.

So, I started to think what if the tables were turned? What if professors could post what they think of us as students and help them make their decisions on whether to let us in their class or not. Things would be very different. I could admit that I am a lazy student in some courses and a teacher's pet in others, it depends on the class. So if one professor made a comment about me online, that's 'who I am' in real life.

What are your thoughts on this? How would you feel if the tables were turned and there was a RateYourStudents.com? Would you have good or bad reviews?


Sunday, April 22, 2012

How Does the Web Perceive You?

The Web is currently trying to take over people's identities and companies like Facebook are trying to reach this goal within the next few years.  It's frightening to think that the Web can have more control over your personal identity than you, yourself.  In my opinion, that's not the way it should be.  Facebook is creating our identity based on what we post and who we interact with, which lets us have almost complete control over.  Facebook is trying to create a single identity for each individual, and according to psychologists we have may identities.  Google is perceiving our identity based on what links we click on and what we search for.  We may not realize it, but what we do in our own private settings has an affect on us as well.  We may not consciously think of Google as creating an identity for us as much as Facebook.  We have to be cautious, realizing that everything we do on the Web is creating an image that reflects on who we are as a person.  Our Web identities could potentially hurt us in the future, or maybe they already do.

-Wrianna Besely

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On a Mission

We are trying to get someone important people in the public sphere to comment on our blog, and we will not stop bugging them until they do. If any of you famous people out there are reading this, just click on the comment section below and post as a guest using your name or URL. If you could somehow confirm it is you, that would be great.

So far we have asked some Packer players and college sports figures and we think this is a good way to get the word out on our blog. Cross your fingers.