Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Post-Mifflin Pre-Finals PumpUP !

So if you're reading this, congratulations on coming out victorious after another successful Mifflin !! (I use the term 'victorious' loosely, of course.) 

This wasn't my first rodeo, and by rodeo I mean Mifflin and by 'not my first' I mean it was my second, but I'd say it was a whole lot more fun than last year! While I did not spend the majority of my time on Mifflin (Don't Go), I did shimmy on over there for a little  bit, just to check it out. I remember last year the streets were so crowded you could barely get by without getting stepped on, spilled on and smacked. And cell phone reception? You had to go 2 blocks over just to get a signal! This year, however, no one was in the streets (unless you were in handcuffs.) and overall a whole lot less people went to Mifflin all day.

One thing we did learn from this year's Mifflin: what goes online stays online, the most innocent of things can go viral, and even the best intentions can be misconstrued. Our very own Dean of Students Lori Berquam advised her students to be cautious and thoughtful on attending Mifflin this year. Little did she know she would be up next on the Billboard's Top 1 Hit Wonders of 2012 (watch out Rebecca Black). But is it wrong to use social media to try and relay a message to a large body of adolescent students? Are there always going to be just as high risks as rewards when you put yourself on the Internet?

Anywho, now that Mifflin is over, our belts fit a little more snugly, our eyes look a little more droopy, and our braincells are a little more deady, WE'RE HEADIN OVER TO HELEN C. WHITE!!! Get ready for finals folks, College Lib will be packed (and it is all quiet all the time. seriously there is a man who enforces these rules quite diligently). So get your Jimmy John's on speed dial, bust out the sweatpants and download Self Control on whatever computer you're using. (Because you don't want to end up like this guy.) But actually folks, take advantage of the Self Control app, turn OFF your cell phones (seriously it's not that bad, I don't have a phone more than I do #RIPMifflin2012) and hit the books! You can do it!

In almost a week we'll all be heading home for the summer, traveling all over the world to various places, or if you're REALLY cool staying in Madison for the summer!

(Did you hear the Terrace got new Mendota Blue chairs!? How neat is that!)

What did you think about this year's Mifflin? What kind of things do you do when you're studying for finals? Are you traveling any neat places this summer? Where is Waldo?

Do tell!
Satie Klavin


  1. Coolest thing EVER!


  3. mhmmmm Satie Klavin eh? I'm a little fused by yer tactics here. But I like it....purfectttt.........Widowed eh? We can change that eh? eh? eh! EH! Anywhooo..... this Mifflin sounds extraordinary and I'm sorry to hear about your loss #RIPBERT7.0